Unique Fund Raising Opportunity
This fundraising program is perfect for schools, churches, sports
teams, civic organizations, etc.
Are you tired of the same old chocolate and wrapping paper fund
raisers?  Why not try something new and exciting!  Our high quality
vinyl window decals will not only be a welcome change of pace, they
will also promote school spirit and pride in the community.  Whether
you want to raise funds to buy new uniforms for the soccer team or
to purchase new computers for the library, this fund raiser is sure to
meet your needs.  The recommended selling price of these decals is
$5-$7.50 each.  At a cost of only $2
* each for any of the styles
shown below, that is an amazing profit of $3-$5.50 each!  You also
don't have to worry about getting "stuck" with more product than you
can sell.  You order only as many as you need of each style.
** All
decals are on white vinyl and are approximately 5" tall.  Also, we have
a wide selection of popular mascots we can choose from or you can
send us your own graphic.  Graphic styles include, but are not limited
to, football, baseball, basketball, golf, cheerleading, soccer,
volleyball, tennis, band, dance team, drama, etc. (Additional styles
available upon request)  For a more personalized fund raiser, we can
also customize decals with the
student's name and favorite activity
with prices starting at only $3 per decal!

*Decals $2 each if order is for 50 pieces or more, $3 each if
ordering 25-49 pieces.
**Total number of all decals ordered must add up to at least 25
pieces to receive fund raiser pricing.  You may mix & match styles to
reach 25 pieces.
Simply provide us with your school name and mascot and we will email a
proof of how your decal will look.
Email us or call us today for more information!

(501) 230-9781
FREE SHIPPING on orders of
250 pieces or more!!!