1.  Thoroughly clean the surface to which decal is to be
(Failure to clean surface as directed before
application may cause decal to not adhere properly!)
cleaning, wipe down surface with rubbing alcohol and then
wipe dry with paper towels.
2.  Align decal as desired.
3.  After decal is positioned, secure it to the surface with a
piece of masking tape through the middle of the decal, either
top to bottom or side to side.  This will be your hinge.
4.  Carefully peel back the bottom layer of paper, leaving the
decal stuck to the top layer, all the way to the hinge.  Cut
away bottom paper at the hinge.
5.  While holding the loose end of the decal away from the
surface, use a straight edge (like a credit card or driver’s
license) to slowly lower the decal to the surface.  ALWAYS
start in the middle and work your way out.
6.  Use smooth strokes to press the decal to the surface and
to work out any air bubbles.  NEVER use a back and forth
scrubbing motion.
7.  Next, remove your masking tape hinge.
8.  Remove the paper backing from the remaining side, taking
care to hold loose end away from surface.
9,  Repeat steps 5 & 6 with remaining side.
10.  After all air bubbles have been smoothed out, start at
one corner and slowly pull the top layer away.  Use slow and
even pressure and pull the paper back over onto itself.
11.  After paper has been removed, take a soft cloth and
carefully go over decal, using slight pressure.  This will
reapply any edges you may have pulled up when removing
the top paper.
12.  ENJOY!